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group of five persons, standing in front of a wall with business logoes, posing, four men and one woman.
Launching new regional growth fund, Friar Venture
four persons in front of a logo wall, smiling, posing
Trainee programs offer recent graduates a dynamic debut into the professional sphere
Seven people leaning into the table, standing close together, posing, office environment
Taking the lead with efficient mini power plants for solar and wind
collage, left portrait of woman with glasses and dark half-length hair, blue sweater and light shirt, posing, standing in an auditorium, some empty seats behind. On the right, two people close together, a man in a blue sweater and a woman with long fair hair, other people in the background talking together. Meeting room.
The Grenland region: the new hub for CO2 capture?
Three persons walking towards camera, posing, indoors, pedestian tunell with glass walls
New name for research group at Herøya
two women leaning in to a high table from each side, art hanging on the wall behind.
Industrial Masters and Industrial PhDs are a win-win for both industry and academia
Six people, dressed in yellow jackets, pose, stand up a flight of stairs and lean against the railing outside a brick building. On the top of the building, large letters that read Herøya Forskningspark are partially displayed
Hydro at Herøya contributes to zero emissions in the aluminium industry
Four individuals in yellow and red work attire, blue and white helmets, posing, office environment, gray concrete in the background.
Building 25 transformed into modern office space
two men posing, standing in an office environment, black painted walls in background, also logo on a screen. One man holding a narrow long lamp for industry.
Interested in exploring the future of lighting technology?
three men standing next to eachother, posing, wearing different shades of light blue shirts, key-card around their necks, standing near entrance gate to industrial park.
Thor Medical establishes pilot facility at Herøya
two men sitting at a table outside office building, with coffe cups, near car parking space.
Hydro initiates environmental measures by covering Gunneklevfjorden
Colleagues are queuing up to help themselves to cake, celebrating an event, personal protective Equipment red trousers and yellow jumpers, white helmets, event takes place in the factory hall.
The PVC plant at Herøya takes a major step for the environment with a new wastewater treatment plant
two men next to eachother, posing, yellow jackets, white helmets, in a street in an industry area, green trees and an indstrial building in background
Noise from helicopter flights and splicing of lines in the coming weeks
International day for Clean air and blue skies
two persons posing in front of an autonomous white mini bus, located outside and in an industrial environment.
Preparing for a test drive of a self-driving convoy vehicle at Herøya