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Setting up at Herøya

We have available premises and areas for various purposes. Office premises, but also workshops and production premises, warehouses, laboratories and test halls and plot areas.

Are you on the lookout for a suitable place to establish industrial or commercial operations? Do you have a business concept that you need help to realise? If so, Herøya Industrial Park could be just the place for you.

Vacant office and lab facilities

Herøya Forskningspark, the research center, is an integral part of Herøya Industripark and has one of the country's most attractive research environments.

Here you can establish your buisness or project in an environment where innovation and development are core areas. This community provides nutrition to research and ideas, and provides support for the breakthrough.

We can offer:

  • Renting of offices with laboratories
  • Test halls with space for pilot plants
  • Services for research and development projects, consultancy and laboratory services


Tove A. Kilen
Facility manager Research Park
Tel.: +47 97687028


Industrial establishment at Herøya

If you are an entrepreneur and need a place to establish yourself, or if you run a business that requires larger areas, industrial establishment in Herøya Industripark can be a long step on the road to success.

Herøya Industripark is Norway's leading arena for the industrialisation and commercialisation of technological and industrial ideas.

The industrial park is divided into zones with different purposes. The edge zone towards the Gunneklevfjord and the buildings are reserved for light industry and commercial activities, while the industrial core area inside the park is best suited for process industry and similar activities.

We can offer

  • Industrial plots and plots for lighter industry buildings for short and long term lease.
  • Buildings, incl. operation and maintenance (approx. 160 000 sq m) 
    • Office buildings
    • Workshops and procuction premises
    • Laboratories and pilot plant facilities
    • Warehouses
  • Effective, modern industrial infrastructure / utilities 
    • Mains electricity, gas
    • Quay facility, 1.6 km quay front
    • Pipe trenches
    • Tanker terminals, roads, green areas, parking spaces
  • Pilot Arena Herøya: premises, facilities and expertise for conducting pilot projects
  • Industrial incubator: support, advice, capital, networks and physical adaptation for development of ideas.

Would you like to know more about opportunities for setting up at Herøya?


Skjalg Aasland
Tel.: +47 932 38 113

Asgeir Knutsen
Business Development Manager
Tel: +47 922 53 293