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portrait of man in a blue jumper, standing next to a monitor showing a white background with logo and short text for an industrial park
For each day you fail to install an IoT sensor, you are losing money
two men outside a building with a big logo on the wall. Both men wearing yellow jackets, one with blue helmet and one with white helmet.
If you move to Herøya, you will have to expand shortly after
seven persons, posing, wearing yellow and blue work clothes, helmets, walking towards the camera
Summer interns develop forward-thinking digital solution for Yara's plants at Herøya
industrial building, logo in big letters on the wall, blue sky above building
Vianode and Nordic Electrofuel at Herøya receive 1,4 billion NOK support from the EU
Group of people. Large group of summer workers organized as a school photo in two lines, all dressed in yellow and blue work clothes and white helmets. Outside the entrance gate to the factory premises.
Summer temp workers get ready with HSE training and certificates for the job at Eramet
group of new employees, about 30 people, stand close together and look towards the photographer who is at the height, they stretch their arms in the air. All dressed in yellow and blue work clothes and helmets with chin straps.
Happy summer from us building a new plant at Herøya!
two men hold out their mobiles and show the visitor app. They wear yellow jackets and white helmets, office environment, user manual for app displayed on the wall behind.
Yara unveils effortless registration system for visitors
four persons, three men and one woman standing on a flat rooftop. They are wearing yellow jackets. sunpanels on the roof.
Norhybrid delivers solar panel installation to commercial building at Herøya
two men posing, working clothes, white helmets, production site
Constructing a new wastewater treatment plant designed for production expansion
woman and man posing, outside office building, arms stretched out, pointing towards building.
HydrogenPro is relocating to Herøya Industrial Park
portrait of man, white helmet and goggles, production hall
Many people want to work in Nel's new production line at Herøya
two young women, posing, portrait, white helmets, industry
This year's summer interns will take on a highly relevant challenge
two men, personal protective equipement, posing, in front of test rig
Huge investment in new test rig at Herøya
four persons, posing, one arm each up in the air like high five
The world's largest and first green hydrogen plant starts production at Herøya in 2023
two persons, shaking hands, white helmets, process industry, outdoors
Welcomes the new site manager at INEOS Inovyn to Herøya