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Launching Innovation Hub Herøya with Norway's first digital mini-factory, MDF
"The fact that the green shift is really taking off in our region leaves us in a squeez"
Researchers team up with customers in the search for green global products
Ammonium Bicarbonate from Addcon for seasonal baking
Herøya Industripark is pushing for Norway to become a leader in local 5G networks
Wins major contract and invests significantly at Herøya
REEtec raises NOK 1200 million for first industrial plant
Expands the team and doubles industrial projects
Validating hydrogen technology with the world's largest electrolyser at Herøya
Focus on safety right from the start on large-scale ammonia and hydrogen projects
Successful test of remote controlled pilot at Herøya
Experienced seniors staying longer in the job is good for skills development
Meet the catalyst researchers
Kicked off a 400 million EU project and construction of a pilot at Herøya
Vianode invests NOK 2 billion at Herøya