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Great cheers as Equinor celebrated new laboratories in Herøya Research Park
Robotic pilot for freight transport to be tested at Herøya
Another green hydrogen investment for Herøya - this could be big
Building Norway's most advanced digital mini factory for innovators at Herøya
NOAH builds pilot at Herøya to recycle industrial salts
50 million invested in Herøya Research Park - cheers on the newly opened floor
Starting production of rare earths with raw materials sourced from Yara at Herøya
Elkem chooses Herøya for large-scale battery materials plant
Testing 5G network in logistics operations at Herøya
Increased production at the PVC factory soon a reality
Full steam ahead for a vast industrial innovation centre at Herøya
Getting industrial halls ready for NEL, a game changer in the world of hydrogen
Light metal project at Herøya awarded NOK 60m from EU
"Basing production at Herøya a smart move"
NOK 125 million to Herøya-based project for the extraction of rare earth metals