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The PVC plant at Herøya takes a major step for the environment with a new wastewater treatment plant

INEOS Inovyn recently celebrated the opening of a new wastewater treatment plant at the PVC plant at Herøya, along with employees, suppliers, and the Grenland branch of Naturvernforbundet.
Colleagues are queuing up to help themselves to cake, celebrating an event, personal protective Equipment red trousers and yellow jumpers, white helmets, event takes place in the factory hall. Cake for everyone: Employees and management at INEOS Inovyn, along with suppliers and the Grenland branch of Naturvernforbundet, celebrated the opening of the new wastewater treatment plant at the PVC plant at Herøya last Friday.

INEOS Inovyn has invested over 60 million NOKs in the PVC plant's new environmental initiative, a large wastewater treatment plant designed for future expansions at Herøya.

Leading the way for the environment

"It's fantastic and very pleasing that the industry is at the forefront environmentally," said a delighted Anne Mjelva, leader of the Grenland branch of Naturvernforbundet. "I believe that those who make environmental investments are the ones who survive. And that's what INEOS Inovyn is doing here. It's very nice to be invited to the opening."


three people standing in a production hall, smiling, posing, all wearing personal protective equipment.
From the right David Verdu, manager INEOS Inovyns production in Grenland, and Anne Mjelva, leader of Naturvernforbundet Grenland.

Incredibly pleased

"What makes me incredibly pleased is that the PVC plant here was already within the emissions limits, yet the corporate leadership still saw fit to invest in environmental measures," said David Verdù, leader of INEOS Inovyn's sites in Grenland. "This investment doesn't help the finances, nor the production volume, and the initiative came from the employees. I'm thrilled to be a part of this."

Well done!

"The final stretch has gone unusually smoothly. I'm relieved todya; well done," praised plant manager Kari-Anne Leth-Olsen. "We'll take over the plant very soon. I have faith that we will meet our ambitions and hope that quality control will report that they can't find any PVC in our discharge. Less than 5 mg per liter is very little; it will look like clean water."


four people standing together, dressed in yellow and red personal protective equipment, posing, smiling, standing in a production hall.
In the middle, production manager Kari-Anne Leth-Olsen and John Øyvind Selmer. Here together with Kristoffer Gudmundsen, to the left, and Kristian Heimstad, to the right, both representatives from labour union IE. 

Celebrating with local suppliers and Naturvernforbundet

"We've taken environmental responsibility all the way," said colleague John Øyvind Selmer. "I'm extremely pleased that we chose local manufacturers to build the plant and that we have the Grenland branch of Naturvernforbundet here with us today. This is collaboration, and that's why the train keeps moving forward. We all deserve it! We've managed to elevate this small factory to become significant for one of the world's leading chemical corporations, INEOS Inovyn."

Standing together

"We stand together, and I think we should applaud that," said Rodney Ishak, regional leader of INEOS Inovyn Nordic.


five people standing in line, all smiling, posing, yellow and red work clothes, white helmets, standing in a production hall.
From left, Rodney Ishak, David Verdu, Ingrid Skonseng, Morten Sundbakk and Kari-Anne Leth-Olsen.

"Developments and improvements in the industry have been remarkable over the last 30 years. The industry is not the same, and neither are we. I'm very pleased to work in a company where we choose to invest significantly in a treatment plant, even though we already operate within government emissions limits. We do this because we want to improve, minimize our emissions, and be the best we can be, especially in sustainability."


a man has just cut the ribbon and cheering crowds in background are clapping their hands
Officially open: Morten Sundbakk, project manager, cut the ribbon.


two persons shaking hands, two other persons watch and smile.
David Verdu thanks Ingrid Skonseng and Morten Sundbakk, two driving forces in the project.


three men standing, posing, one man holding flowers, production hall
Local supplier, Eckholdt AS.


three men posing, wearing blue helmets and yellow jackets, eating cake and drinking coffee, standing in a production hall.
Local supplier, Skiens Rustfri Industri AS.


three young men, posing, standing eating cake, wearing yellow jumpers and blue trousers and white helmets, production hall
Local supplier Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance Nordics AS


great crowd raising their arms in celebration, production hall
Celebration: the wastewater treatment plant is soon ready for operation. In the front, from right Morten Sundbakk and Ingrid Skonseng, driving forces in the project, and Kari-Anne Leth-Olsen, production manager at the PVC plant.




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