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Substantial increase in assignments requires more personnel

KSB at Herøya delivers tailor-made solutions for pumps and valves. Now, the assignments have increased substantially, necessitating the hiring of more staff. Similar to several other companies at Herøya.
two men sitting at a table, valve in front of them From left: Einar Sæter and Kim Ekornrød at KSB Norge AS at Herøya seeking a new colleague. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs/Herøya Industripark AS.

KSB Norway AS, a supplier of pumps and valves to the industry, has experienced a significant surge in assignments throughout 2023. To meet the increased demand, they are now seeking an experienced salesperson for valves.

Global supplier with local focus

KSB is a global supplier of pumps and valves with over 15,000 employees. The company is owned by German-based KSB SE & Co KGaA, which has been producing valves and pumps for over 150 years and is now located in over 110 countries.

In Norway, the company has been operating since 1945 and currently has two employees in Herøya Industrial Park.

"We are here to support local industry and green initiatives," says Kim Ekornrød, sales engineer at KSB Norway AS. "Carbon capture and green industry are areas of focus for us, and we offer products and services that are crucial in the ongoing transition."

Seeking locally

As a tenant in Building 25 in the industrial park, the company delivers tailor-made solutions to the process industry at Herøya and other industrial customers throughout Norway.

"We aim to hire a salesperson with an industrial background here locally," says Ekornrød. "We enjoy our pleasant environment in Building 25 and hope to find a skilled individual who wants to become part of our team."

See KSB Norway's job advertisement here.

One of several companies with vacant positions

KSB at Herøya is not alone in recruiting necessary expertise. Several companies in the industrial park require new personnel to manage growth. See some of them here (possibly Norwegian only).


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