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Strukturas is growing rapidly and hiring more

The engineering firm Strukturas at Herøya has doubled its turnover in industrial ventures. Now they are recruiting more personnel.
four persons leaning on a counter, posing, office environment, window letting in sharp light. Join us in developing Strukturas, urges the Herøya team, at a total of 12 colleagues. Here, from left, Frantisek Kurcik, Tone Scheie Vrålstad, Terje Johannesen, head of industry and offshore, and Øyvind Karlsen, general manager, owner and head of bridge construction.

Strukturas, which became a world leader in building steel bridges from the small town of Langesund, moved into the industrial environment at Herøya because they also wanted to participate in building factories.

Since then, industrial assignments have experienced significant growth, and the group at Herøya has increased from 10 to 12 employees.

"Now we hope to find two more colleagues, an experienced project manager and a piping designer/draughtsman who will contribute to the further development of the company," says the Strukturas leadership.

Doubling in industry

Terje Johannesen, leader of industrial ventures, talks about a doubling of the number of hours and turnover in industrial and offshore services over the past year and a half.


portrait of man, wearing blue shirt, standing in a big grey room.
Terje Johannesen, leader of industrial ventures at Strukturas.

"We are now in the final stages of preparing NEL Hydrogen's production line 2 at Herøya, where our own Kjersti Kverndal Bekkvik is the construction manager. We have had assignments for Bilfinger at REETec, a new facility being built at Herøya. We have also had assignments for Tratec at Yara and assignments at Eramet. In addition, we have had several assignments for FMC Technip in the offshore industry," says Johannesen.

High activity in bridge construction

"There is also high activity in bridge construction," says Øyvind Karlsen, CEO and owner of Strukturas.

"We are significantly increasing our activity together with our investors who have enabled us to invest in machinery and lease it out. The turnover will be completely different now than before when we sold bridge-building machines."

Bridge systems are Strukturas' main activity. The company has heavily invested in new equipment and now has 15 employees working on bridge construction. Strukturas rents out machines with all technical knowledge, services, and personnel who operate the machines.


portrait of man, light blue shirt, dark blue knitted jacket, canteen furniture in background.
Øyvind Karlsen, CEO, owner and head of bridge construction.

Pleased to be at Herøya

"For the company and for us personally, there is no doubt that moving to Herøya Industrial Park has been positive," praises Strukturas' leaders. "And now Yara has also moved into the building here. We notice more traffic in the hallways and the cafeteria. That's good! The idea was that we wanted to be in a large environment when we moved from Langesund. Now we are exactly where things are happening all the time."

Johannesen and Karlsen have great confidence that the construction of industry and bridges will continue to grow in the coming years.

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