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Project environmental initiative in the Gunneklev fjord is underway

After thorough preparations, Hydro has now initiated a major environmental initiative in the Gunneklev fjord. The first phase involving the construction of an underwater jetty has commenced.
two men, portrait, posing, white helmet, yellow jackets, construction site, large vehicles and escavator in background, fjord Hydros project management for environmental initiative in the Gunneklev fjord, from left Eivind Midtgarden and Boško Janjušević.

The project has conducted preparatory work in the area and successfully tested how stones should be laid out. They are now building an underwater jetty/platform with stone masses at the northern end of the Gunneklev fjord.

The construction will continue until Easter.

Transportation of stone masses

There will be some construction traffic in connection with the delivery of stone masses. Large vehicles unload stone masses at the construction site, and then the stones are loaded onto a barge. This operation may generate som noise. Hydro conducts noise measurements and ensures compliance with requirements.

"The stone masses come from NCC Quarry in the vicinity. The project has implemented several measures to ensure safe and efficient transport, and we have a strong focus on health, safety, and the environment," says Eivind Midtgarden and Boško Janjušević from Hydro's project management.


vehicle unloading  stone masses on a construction site.
The construction of an underwater jetty. Stone masses are unloaded from vehicle and loaded onto a barge.

Shoreline cleanup

The Hydro project has taken on the task of cleaning up debris in the shoreline along the pedestian and bicyle path. "We do this because we cannot cover the waste that is on the water's edge. There are car tires, shopping carts, and other waste that needs to be removed," says Eivind Midtgarden.

Silt curtain

The textile curtain that can be observed a good distance out on the water is a silt curtain. It extends all the way to the bottom and prevents the spread of environmental toxins that could potentially be stirred up when stones are laid out.

Path along the water closed

The pedestrian and bicycle path along the waterfront will be closed during the construction period. Safety is crucial for Hydro, and as long as necessary, the pedestrian and bicycle path on the seaside will be closed during the construction period.


Pedestrian and bicycle path along the waterfront
The pedestrian and bicycle path along the waterfront is closed.

Good progress

Hydro closely monitors the project, with a strong focus on operations. "We do not rush for time; we prioritise heath, safety, and secure progress," says Boško Janjušević. The goal is to complete the project by December 2024.

"We are very satisfied with the collaboration with the main contractor Repstad Anlegg AS. The contractor works six days a week and has good progress. They are professional, with a clear focus on health, safety, and the environment.

Project goal

"The environmental measure will ensure that we achieve the overall goal, which is to remove the environmental toxins in Gunneklevfjorden from circulation. By covering the seabed, they will not be able to leak from the sediments and be taken up in the food chain. It will also prevent the spread of environmental toxins to surrounding areas. The solution will provide a clean seabed and form a good starting point for the reestablishment of flora and fauna," says Hydro in the project information to the public.


textile with project information for the public along the construction fence.
Project information to the public.



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