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Norhybrid delivers solar panel installation to commercial building at Herøya

Norhybrid Renewables AS has installed 300 solar panels on a flat roof for Miljø Eiendom AS at Herøya.
four persons, three men and one woman standing on a flat rooftop. They are wearing yellow jackets. sunpanels on the roof. Norhybrid Renewables AS, from left: Trond Sørensen, sales and marketing manager, Carl Ivar Holmen, general manager, Poulina Gotuleac, senior project manager, and Peder Thysted, operations manager.

Norhybrid Renewables, based in Building 25 in the industrial park, showcased the solar panel installation they delivered to customer Miljø Eiendom AS at Herøya during a recent site visit. Norhybrid not only provides hybrid energy systems, but also pure solar panel installations for various types of buildings with flat roofs.

Covers half of the consumption

Those present gained insight into what a larger roof-mounted solar system can deliver, and how it was installed.

"Here we have a system of 300 panels and two inverters. It provides a total output of 100 MWh, approx. 125 kW installed," says CEO Carl Ivar Holmen of Norhybrid Renewables AS.

"It's a good-sized system that will make a significant contribution to the buildings's power consumption. They will receive about 50 percent of their regular consumption from the shared electricity," he says.

"The property owner, Miljø Eiendom AS, contacted us during the Industriuka in 2022, expressing their desire to achieve local energy production. The project started in January this year."

Attractive landlord

Niri Wårås, general manager of Miljø Eiendom AS, praises Norhybrid and their comprehensive support from the initial contact.

"They have done a thorough job throughout. When an opportunity arose to apply for ENOVA funding within a short time frame, Norhybrid was so well-prepared with measures and calculations that the application received full approval within the allocated budget. We are very pleased with that," he states.

"Miljø Eiendom AS aims to be an attractive landlord," Wårås continues. "That's our motivation for making such an investment."

Customising according to customer needs

Norhybrid customises installations according to customer needs and constraints.

"One of the first things we discuss with the customer is whether they want maximise energy output from the available area or optimise energy per invested cost," says Trond Sørensen, CCO at Norbybrid Renewables AS.

"The difference can be related to using as much of the roof as possible, which increases installation costs, or leaving a largeer distance from the edge to avoid additional costs associated with securing during installation."

Sørensen informs that in this case the property owner has chosen to maximise energy production. "Therefore, they have opted to place the system closer to the edge and will need to use safety lines when performing maintenance," he explains.


solar panels covering a flat roof on a large building
The solar panels supplied by Norhybrid Renewables AS for Miljø Eiendom AS, Building 616, at Herøya.

East-west orientation

To ensure that the panels are space-efficient and do not shade each other, they are positioned with an east-west orientation. This results in lower peak power but more consistens producton. The system is mounted on racks with ballast to withstand wind and snow loads, eliminating the need to penetrate the roof for securing.

If the system produces more electricity than is consumed, it can be sold back to the grid.

Long lifespan

The installation weighs around 10 tonnes. "A ballast plan for the roof specifies the exact amount of load the installation entails and the owner of the building must check the capacity of the building structure and make any necessary preparations," says Holmen.

"The solar cell plant has a low degradation rate, meaning that 25 years from now one can expect the plant to deliver at least 85 percent of its capacity. The plant has a lifespan of approximately 40–45 years."

Operation and maintenance

Holmen says there are divided opinions in the industry regarding the cleaning the panels. "The panels collect dust and bird droppings, and snow can fall on them during winter. One must consider whether it is sufficient for rain to take care of this or if additional simple maintenance should be carried out."

Bilfinger completed installation

The facility is installed by Bilfinger Engineering and Maintenance Nordics AS.

"Norhybrid has delivered everything as a package, with panels, racks, converters and string cabling. We were responsible for the installation and establishment of scaffolding towers and safety equipment required to work up here," says electro installer, Bård Andes Straume and Marius Sandvik, construction manager, both from Bilfinger Engineering and Maintenance Nordics AS.

"We started by assembling rails and laying concrete elements that serve as ballast."


three men posing, dressed in yellow and blue working clothes, white helmets, standing on a flat roof covered with solar panels.
Satisfied with the assignment and approved delivery: from left Erik A. Ulve, Bård Anders Straume and Marius Sandvik, all from Bilfinger Engineering and Maintenance Nordics AS.

"A conduit path for string cabling has been established. All cables terminate at two inverters placed at each end of the facility. They convert from direct current to alternating current which is then sent down to a new panel in the main control room."

Straume further explains that they have had good communication with Herøya Nett. "This is the first major plant they have to handle. We will also be replacing the electricity meter in the building so that we can measure not only the incoming power but also the outgoing power."

Reliable supplier

"It has been reassuring for us to have Bilfinger as our partner in this project. We are newcomers to the industry. We have been able to rely on a single point of contact, they have expertise in various disciplines, and it has made the project management much easier," says Peder Thysted, COO at Norhybrid Renewables AS.

The green shift is happening here

"As a supplier, we don't have to travel far to find customers within the green shift; it's happening right here among our existing customers in the industrial park. That's why it's important for us to tailor our services to these new energy projects," says Erik Ulve, BD & Sales, at Bilfinger Engineering and Maintenance Nordics AS.

Telemark Kraft recommends Norhybrid

Norhybrid has entered into a collaboration with Telemark Kraft, Tinn Energi og Fiber, and is now their recommended supplier of solar cells, near-field wind turbines and battery solutions for Telemark Kraft's commercial customers.

"This is very exciting," says the Norhybrid team, and sees many opportunities ahead.


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