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Nordengen renews contract in the industrial park with an expanded mission

Landscaping company, Anleggsgartner Nordengen AS, has signed a new agreement with Herøya Industripark AS, continuing its longstanding commitment to the industrial park. Now, they have also been entrusted with an expanded mission.
Three men yellow jackets and helmets, standing outside in the snow, shaking hands, park in background Both parties happy with the new agreement: from left Knut Magnus Stokke, Anleggsgartner Nordengen AS, Audun Elvik Thorsen, new manager Infrastructure and process systems, and Kristian Solberg, both Herøya Industripark AS.

Anleggsgartner Nordengen AS, with Birgitte Kidholm and her team, has extended its contract for landscaping services in the industrial park.

"For us, this is an important and significant agreement that ensures year-round work for several of our employees. We are proud to have secured the deal," says Knut Magnus Stokke, construction manager at Nordengen AS.


flowers in roundabout outside reception area, green grass in middle.
Flowers in front of reception at Building 25.

Ensuring biodiversity

The new agreement with Nordengen also includes a mission to ensure biodiversity.

"In 2023, we began work to secure biodiversity. We have several flower boxes around the area, composed of specially selected plants where we see bees thrive. And we will test suitable locations for flower meadows instead of mowing down all the grass. We have a lot to learn about this," says Stokke.

"We maintain deciduous trees for several reasons—aesthetic, biological, and climate-related. In addition to serving as air filters, the trees are an important habitat for animals and plants. It's worth mentioning that the trees in the industrial park often stand on poor soil and old fillings, requiring a bit of extra care. The trees need watering and inspection in the warn season."


bucket with purple flowers hanging in a lamp pole

Receiving praise

Both the industrial park company and the landscapers receive much praise for the work done on the green areas. The floral splendor doesn't happen on its own; it involves a lot of dedicated work.

Importance of continuity

Nordengen has been providing services in the industrial park for more than 20 years. "Continuity in these types of deliveries is essential for us. Nordengen delivers on quality and has skilled professionals, and we have a good collaboration with them," say Audun Elvik Thorsen and Kristian Solberg at Herøya Industripark AS.

"We are very satisfied with the work they do, and especially Birgitte Kidholm and her team do a fantastic job here with us. We are pleased with the renewed agreement and look forward to further collaboration."


womn sitting on the grass tending to the flowers around in the roundabout.
Birgitte Kidholm, gardner and landscaper at Anleggsgartner Nordengen AS.


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