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Moved to Herøya where they operate 900 ship calls a year

900 ship calls and major customers at Herøya attracted Wilhelmsen ship agents to the industrial park.
Short distance from the office to the ships: Kim Roger Bjønnes, ships agency operator at Wilhelmsen, is happy about the short distance to the ships he is assisting at Herøya.

Wilhelmsen Port Services, a young ships agency operators team of 7 members, have recently moved office closer to the vessels calling at Herøya. The team with a varied background from logistics, finance, naval defense and even a student in the ranks, now operate from newly refurbished locations in Building 25 at Herøya Industrial Park.

"At Herøya, we handle around 900 ship calls annually," says Kim Roger Bjønnes, ships agency operator at Wilhelmsen. "Assisting vessels in and out of the quays here is definitely our biggest activity in the area. It is an advantage to have a short distance both to the quay and to the customers like Yara and Addcon, with whom we speak daily to plan the loading of products out into the world."

The bulk carrier Sharp Island is loading 45,000 tonnes of complete fertiliser from Herøya. The crew is Chinese and the vessel will sail to China.

Come on board

Join Kim Roger Bjønnes aboard a large bulk carrier, in fact one of the largest that enters the fjord here. "Sharp Island sails with 10.8 draft, which is the maximum limit on the western quay at Herøya. It is 200 meters long, 32 meters wide and built in 2016," he says.

See more photos from the Wilhelmsen team at Herøya and from the vessel Sharp Island:

six employees standing in a line holding a ships model in front
The Wilhelmsens at Herøya: from left Anders Christian Hansen, Jonas Bohnhorst, Kim Roger Bjønnes, Johan Sittampalan, Kristian Mørk and Toril Auk Braathen.
man next to bulk ship at quay
Ships Agency Operator Kim Roger Bjønnes on his way to board the bulk vessel Sharp Island at quay, Herøya.
visitor register at ships entrance
isitors register and identify themselves prior to boarding.
man standing on ship's bridge
Ships agent operator Kim Roger Bjønnes monitors the loading of the vessel Sharp Island.
from inside the ship's brigde
The view from the bridge of the vessel Sharp Island. The Hong Kong-registered vessel has a Chinese crew.
two men talking on vessel
Ships Agency Operator from Wilhelmsen in dialog with crew member of vessel.

man on the quay, vessels longside in background
the team gathered in the office
Wilhelmsen Port Services, a new tennant at Herøya, in newly renovated premises in Bygg 25: standing behind from left Kristian Mørk, Jonas Bohnhorst, Kim Roger Bjønnes and Anders Kristian Hansen. Sitting in front Toril Auk Braathen and Johan Sittampalan.

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