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Interested in exploring the future of lighting technology?

Adapti operates from recently expanded premises in Building 25. They are a leading player with expertise in intelligent lighting technology, and guarantees savings for their clients in Herøya Industripark.
two men posing, standing in an office environment, black painted walls in background, also logo on a screen. One man holding a narrow long lamp for industry. In their newly renovated facilities in Building 25, from the left Ola Pedersen, sales manager, and Fredrik Bocerup Karlsen, project manager, have everything in one place. In their combined office environment, meeting, and showroom, they can showcase a wide range of products from their suppliers for industrial and commercial buildings.

Adapti at Herøya specialises in intelligent lighting. They have now moved into  impressive new premises, combining offices, meeting room, and a showroom. Here they meet with industrial clients, engineering consulting firms, and electrical companies looking to expolore solutions and update their lighting expertise.

What is intelligent lighting?

All lamps and lighting units offered by Adapti are equipped with IoT modules that ca be integrated into a comprehensive system.

"These devices function as sensors and collect data such as motion, consumption, status, and can be used for optimised maintenance. The lighting is then automatically adjusted according to the environment and customer needs. This approach not only provides increased energy efficiency but also gives owners valuable information about their properties," says sales manager Ola Pedersen at Adapti.


office premises, dark painted walls, with photo of blue skies and light clouds in the ceiling.
At Adapti in Building 25, they always have a part of blue sky with light clouds on the ceiling. Photo: Adapti.

Thorough process

Adapti customises and tailors lighting solutions to meet customer needs.

"We start the process with a thorough assessment of the customer's existing lighting infrastructure, gather data on usage patterns and energy consumption, and then create reports that provide the customer with a solid foundation for investment decisions," explains Ola Pedersen.


man stands in a showroom with lighting articles and a remote control
Project manager Fredrik Bocerup Karlsen demonstrates the various possibilities of advanced lighting.

Guaranteed savings

Today's intelligent lighting solutions are designed to optimize energy consumption while reducing environmental impact.

"By replacing outdated lighting equipment with modern solutions, we guarantee significant savings for our customers. Often, we see up to 90% reductions in consumption in the industrial sector."


two men, posing, standing in a showroom environment, dark walls and a lot of lighting equipment.
Sales manager Ola Pedersen and project manager Fredrik Bocerup Karlsen, both from Adapti, guarantee savings. They often see up to 90% reductions in consumption in the industrial sector.

Comprehensive approach

Adapti offers a holistic approach to lighting projects.

"We take care of everything from assessment, design, and programming to project follow-up during the installation phase. In addition, we build interactive operational monitoring systems that provide customers with insights into energy consumption and other relevant data. We adhere to industry standards and provide advice on the requirements and needs customers must and should meet," says Fredrik Bocerup Karlsen, project manager at Adapti AS.


man sitting in office chair, thumbs up, smiling, posing
Key accountant/project leader Fredrik Bocerup Karlsen at Adapti, happy to be relocated in refurbished office facilities.

Highly skilled industrial clients

"At Herøya, we find corporate clients who have highly skilled personnel and are interested in achieving savings in their facilities," say Pedersen and Karlsen.

"Industrial facilities have specific requirements that must be addressed, and sometimes it means our suppliers have to conduct R&D to find the right solutions. Innovation bringing both client and our supplier forward."



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