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Expands the team and doubles industrial projects

The IT company Bouvet Vestfold Grenland is expanding its industrial team and professional environment, and in a short time industrial projects have doubled at the Herøya office.
Good times: Advisers and management in Bouvet Vestfold Grenland at the Herøya office, from left business developer Petter Olsen, Tove Sørensen, head of advice and projects, Jostein Knudsen, head of development and Espen Aasen, head of Vestfold Grenland.

Two years ago, the IT company Bouvet strongly increased its industrial investment in Grenland and established a strong professional environment in Herøya Industripark. The ambition was to use energy to contribute to building the environmentally friendly data-driven factories, logistics and energy systems of the future.

"We probably had two large industrial projects when we moved to Herøya - now we have double," says Petter Olsen, himself a newly appointed business developer at Bouvet Vestfold Grenland. "More and more of the industry players are becoming aware of our expertise, so we are contacted and feel that we are in demand." 

man wearing brown jumper standing in an office area
Petter Olsen, Business Developer at Bouvet Vestfold Grenland.

Bouvet Grenland can boast clients such as Skagerak Energi, Yara, Kongsberg Gruppen, Jotun, Telenor and DSB, the Norwegian Electoral Directorate and Mobitech. (Source

Find the people first, then the assignments will come

"We are growing steadily, and we will continue to do so when we find the people we want to employ," says Tove Sørensen.

Sørensen leads Advice and Projects in Bouvet Vestfold Grenland, and was involved in moving to Herøya together with 21 other colleagues two years ago. 

woman wearing glasses standing in office
Tove Sørensen, leader Advice and Project at Bouvet Vestfold Grenland

"Now we count almost 30," she says. "We find the people first, then the assignments come. We do not hire for a special need, but we hire for our environment. We have a Bouvet culture that is quite fun to be a part of. We put the employees first," says Tove.

Passion for the subject

Passion for the subject and some talents fit in with Bouvet.

Ida Marie Norin's enthusiasm for giving developer power to ordinary IT users got her a job at Bouvet. After hearing about low-code in Microsoft's Power Platform and that anyone can create apps, she was inspired and made a career change from political science and anthropological studies. 

young woman blond hair in an office space
Ida Norin, Bouvets expert on the Power Platform.

In record time Ida became Bouvet's expert on Power Platform and has  developed the CRM system for the industry cluster Powered by Telemark.

"I am passionate about providing IT tools to ordinary users, operators, department managers, basically everyone who knows the problems in everyday work, so that they can develop the solution they need in their work. The word Power expresses giving power to the user. Today, it is the IT developers who have a lot of power, but also a lot to do, so it takes time and is expensive," she explains.

Companies that are curious about testing low code, want to hear more, get in touch, encourages Bouvet's low code expert.

Data capture and analysis

Jostein Knudsen, head of development, says that the industry is very interested in the actual data capture and analysis. 

male standing in office
Jostein Knudsen, leader Development.

"We see that industrial customers have a lot of data from production and several places. Collecting and utilizing data for analysis, predictive maintenance or more efficient production and inventory management increases utility and saves costs.

They are sitting on a gold mine of data, and we help them extract the gold and convert it to create value. After all, it is sometimes a complicated journey. We help to trigger the values," he says.

Increases engagement

The Bouvet management is surprised at how many people, in a short time, are getting involved in the industry. four people standing by a footballgame table

"We have made strong inroads into industry players in Grenland, so our involvement is only increasing. We have our own industrial team at Herøya and are building up specialist expertise in digitization, which is most needed in industry," they say.

The Bouvet office at Herøya is part of Bouvet Vestfold Grenland, and the group's 12 offices and 2,000 subject experts in Norway.

Lots going on

Bouvet has a lot going on with customers. 

man with beard standing in office space
Espen Aasen, leader Bouvet Vestfold Grenland

"When we come in and show our competence they see opportunities, so they quickly request a lot more," says Espen Aasen, head of Vestfold Grenland. "It shows that we were right in our assumption that the industry needs digitization in the job of realising the green shift."


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