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Ensuring sustainable water resource management

It is time for the annual inspection of drinking water and sanitary wells at the industrial park.
Two men are crouching by a manhole in the street, the manhole cover is next to them. One man is holding a crowbar that the manhole cover is opened with, the other is using a camera down into the manhole and taking a picture. Men at work, checking wells: from left Geir Lervåg, Herøya Industripark AS, and Pål Rye-Kittilsen, Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance.

The industrial park's drinking water and sewage network can be described as relatively new, as the facility was completed in 1998. Herøya Industipark AS maintains a robust system for managing both drinking water and sewage.

Through the implementation of stringent control measures and routine maintenance, the company ensures access to clean drinking water and proper handling of sewage for the industrial park.

This includes the ongoing annual inspection of drinking water and sewage wells, with over a hundred wells scheduled to be checked to ensure sustainable water resource management.

Drinking water from the council

Herøya Industripark operates its own drinking water network, supplied by municipal water from Porsgrunn council.

"Our network connects to the municipal system at two points, both east and west of the industrial area," explains Geir Lervåg, Infrastructure Operations Coordinator at Herøya Industripark AS. "We undertake various measures to maintain water quality and meet both regulatory and internal standards."


two men sitting by a drinking water well in a street, one of them is using a small camera documenting the controll.
Documenting controll of wells in the industrial park.

Monitor to ensure quality

Continuous monitoring of the drinking water network ensures routine analysis of water quality, guaranteeing its safety for consumption.

"We conduct thorough annual inspections of drinking water wells, adhering to planned maintenance procedures, all documented through photographic evidence," adds Lervåg.

Control and maintenance

Herøya Industripark AS has an agreement with Porsgrunn council for the supply of sanitary sewage.

"We undertake several measures to ensure responsible sewage management, including monthly comprehensive inspections of all pumping stations and yearly servicing," elaborates Lervåg. "This service involves flushing and cleaning to prevent buildup in wells and installations."

Routine analysis of sanitary sewage according to regulatory standards ensures environmentally sound sewage handling practices. "This commitment to rigorous control measures and proactive maintenance underscores our dedication to sustainable water resource management."

New requirements for the industrial park

Anyone connected to a public water supply must ensure they guard against contaminating the water supply network.

"There are requirements from Porsgrunn council to install backflow prevention measures to avoid potential contamination of the industrial park's drinking water network. We are well underway with this task in our buildings, as well as securing the drinking water intakes for the industrial park," informs Lervåg.


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