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Strukturas is an engineering company, with core areas within bridge building equipment and steel structures for industry and offshore.

The company was founded in 1991 in Langesund. After 31 years in Langesund, they are now located in Bygg 25 in the industrial park.

Strukturas has a total of 22 employees, of which around 12 are employed at Herøya, while the rest work outside Norway.

Strengths and core areas

The company designs, supplies, installs and operates bridge construction equipment for all types of concrete bridges. They have their own portfolio of around 7,000 tonnes of steel which is rented out at home and abroad.

The Industry Department serves the industry in Grenland with all possible different types of assignments. Steel structures, tanks, platforms, pipe bridges etc. with calculations and drawings.

The engineering company performs calculation, drawing of top-side and subsea constructions. Floating and fixed installations.


Bridge construction equipment

Øyvind Karlsen, Managing Director
Phone: +47 35 96 82 12
Mobile: +47 97 96 14 06


Industry and Offshore

Terje Johannesen, manager Industry and Offshore
Phone: +47 35 96 82 16
Mobile: +47 91 10 89 17