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Semcon is a global technology company that offers development services.
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Semcon assists businesses in developing new production lines, new products, or process improvements, with the support of its 1,400 employees who possess interdisciplinary expertise. The company has expertise in areas such as project management, business development, mechatronics, data analysis, sustainability reporting and analysis, electronics, and software.

Interdisciplinary Engineering Expertise

Semcon distinguishes itself by combining engineering expertise, digital services, and knowledge of sustainability in a unique package. The company can draw from experiences in various industries to bring fresh perspectives to its clients' challenges and opportunities.

Semcon provides businesses with new, sustainable perspectives, whether it involves rejuvenating an existing product or service, exploring the applications of new technology, or reimagining future needs. For Semcon, technology is not an end in itself but a means to create value for people and the planet. The company delivers innovations that make a difference today and in the future.


Baard Røsvik, Business developer
Tel: +47 911 47 814