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INEOS Inovyn

The PVC plant at Herøya is part of INOVYN Norge AS. The company has its administration and Chlorine/VCM plant at Rafnes. INEOS Inovyn is Europe's leading Chlor Alkali and PVC manufacturer.

The PVC plant has modern and proprietary technology and produces two grades of plastic raw material PVC. S-PVC powder is mainly used for hard and flexible products such as pipes, cables, profiles, etc. Pasta PVC is a more fine-grained powder, which is used for softer products such as floor coverings, wallpaper etc. The most important markets are Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Annual production capacity is a total of 200,000 tons of PVC. VCM is the raw material for PVC production, and this is manufactured at INEOS Inovyn's Chlorine/VCM plant at Rafnes.

The unit is led by Kari-Anne Leth-Olsen.

In Herøya Research park, INOVYN also has employees linked to the company's central research organization (RTE).

RTE-VCM led by: Arne Gidløw Grønvold. RTE-PVC led by: Asbjørn Holt.


Erik Rønningen at Communications
Tel.: +47 9150 62 766

INOVYN Norge ASRafnes 
3966 Stathelle
Tel.: +47 35 00 60 00