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Herøya Industripark AS

Herøya Industripark AS’s job is to manage and run Oslo Pensjonsforsikring's assets at the park, accommodate existing tenants and develop the park still further, making it an attractive place for new industrial establishments.

Herøya Industripark AS supplies a range of products to tenants at the park: land, buildings and infrastructure such as roads, water, sewerage, quays, pipe networks, tanker terminals, etc.

When enquiries are received concerning establishment at the park and queries from entrepreneurs, Herøya Industripark AS has a separate unit which evaluates projects in cooperation with stakeholders. They have to consider the suitability of the project for the park, the chances of viability, the implementation time, the need for capital, and so forth. See also Setting up in the park.

The host organisation maintains contact with funding agencies and development environments/institutions which can make contributions towards establishment and development.

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Phone: +47 35 92 65 00