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Air Liquide Skagerak AS

Air Liquide Skagerak AS (formerly Skagerak Naturgass) was established in 2002 and is owned by Air Liquide and Skagerak Energi.

The Air Liquide Group is one of the world's largest industrial gas actors, and is one of the world's foremost in the field of Smart Mobility (Hydrogen and biogas for the transport sector).

In 2004, the company constructed storage tanks for liquid natural gas (LNG) and associated distribution networks at Herøya Industrial Park and at Moflata in Skien. In 2006, similar plant was inaugurated in Sandefjord and Tønsberg. In 2007 the plant at Herøya was expanded to receive LNG from tanker ship.

Later expansions involved tank facilities and local pipeline networks for gas deliveries in Sarpsborg, Drammen, Risør, Larvik and Vennesla.

Currently the company supplies natural gas to about 50 customers, mainly industry and public buildings.

Typical applications of natural gas are:

  • Direct heating: Kilns, ceramics industry
  • Radiant heating: Heating of industrial sheds etc.
  • Heating boilers: Hot water, water-borne heat

The company has an office at the Kjølnes Technology Centre.


Frode Halvorsen

Tel.: +47 934 01 544

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